Kumi Keazor, Kyle Forde, and Ysham in “That 70′s Show” for Open Lab magazine spring/summer 2013 issue. 
Photographed by Georgie Wileman.
 Grooming by Andrea Gomez Anzola and
hair John Mullan 

I shot on Sunday and I am so excited to get the photos out there.  I feel like this was my best shoot to date!  I worked with the same people I worked with almost two years ago I want to say and it was so great being back in the same room with them.  We all get each other and the creative flow is just amazing.  I don’t think I could have worked with a better group of people on Sunday.

I’m a Finalist

Hey guys sorry for lack of updating.  But I found out that I am a finalist for EyeTime 2012 Emerging Talent and it would be the world to me if you checked it out and checked me out! 

Here is the list of finalist if you scroll down you’ll see my name, ‘Olivia Wright-Cady Love is Blind Love is a Struggle’ I did the series for my final portfolio and it was part of Graduation exhibition.  It was a really personally series and I just wanted to share it with everyone (hence me entering contest with it lol) So please take a look I’ll love you guys forever.

Here is the link again, Morpholio EyeTime 2012 Finalist Emerging Talent.

Here is the link to my Photography Tumblr.

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